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extrapole is a transnational interdisciplinary cooperation space dedicated to artists, amateurs of art, cultural actor.trice.s, researchers and the curious.



Partnership with Kdac.


As part of its collaboration with the Kdac, extrapole ensures French and European theater programming and a research project on art and vulnerability carried out in concert with Agnès Henry and Isabelle Ginot (Université Paris 8/ AIME), Claire Mooryang Sung and the Staff Seoul team.


Partnership with Kdac & Opening of Modu Theater in Seoul


Opening of Modu Theater in Seoul: Theater equipment designed for increased circulation of people with reduced mobility in the theater and on stage. 


In 2022, we ordered an in situ creation from the Bordeaux companyLa Coma piloted by Michel Schweizer.
Jejari will be performed on November 24, 25, 26, 2023 in Seoul at the Modu Theater. 


In March 2023, we will welcome the team fromCNCA and the troopCatalysis for three performances ofGulliver, The Last Journey, directed by Madeleine Louarn and Jean-François Auguste. This invitation will be supported by public events and workshops co-constructed and imagined together with a view to future collaborations and reciprocities between the two structures.

La Coma logo.png

This documentary was commissioned from extrapole by the CNCA, Centre National de Création Adaptée in Morlaix.


The film was written by Agnès Henry, directed by Louis Pierre-Lacouture and edited by Aloyse Leledy.

Launch of the documentary
« Mes pieds sont des troncs » Bonds et rebonds
de l’Atelier Catalyse. 


extrapolate and theKdac have entered into a partnership with theNational Center for Adapted Creation in Morlaix in 2021 what was the subject of a creation – a video vignette able to present the approach of the company Catalyse, at the initiative of the creation of the CNCA.

The desire is to present to a foreign public or one unfamiliar with the French institutional system the functioning that allowed the birth of a space for stage creation adapted to people with disabilities and abundant talents.

As a result of this initiative in 2022, the CNCA commissioned a larger documentary film to be extrapolated, financed largely by the ONDA (national artistic diffusion office/ MCC) as part of the Ecran vivant system) which enabled the production of My feet are trunks.


Two performances of the piece Singspiele will be given at the teatro Due on November 14 and 15 in Parma as part of a portrait of the artist Maguy Marin and the evolution of his choreographic work over time. 


This 2014 show, performed by David Mambouch, between bodily variations and gestural research, expresses the most experimental style of the French choreographer, going beyond the boundaries of dance itself.

Focusing on the faces, anonymous or recognizable, which capture our gaze, allows us to listen to what their absent bodies tell us.

Each individual is a multiplicity and, covering all the faces, shows the plurality of perceptions and possible readings of a gesture which is repeated and multiplied.

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