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Accompaniment & developments

We support the creators of cultural projects in the development and implementation of their actions, thanks to a collegial and prospective work methodology.

This materializes by:

• the implementation of an active development method with a developed cooperation policy;

• the co-construction of a diagnosis around given and specific problematics, sometimes implementing a survey protocol;

• the planning and construction of national and transnational partnerships adapted to the ambition of the targeted processes;

• the creation of a permanent readjustment framework for a sustainable inclusion of the project in its social, economic and environmental context.

Our accompaniment offer targets artists, cultural, educational or social operators, researchers, and anyone wishing to investigate new modalities of creation.

Mapping new worlds - Exploring artistic creation

Shémas, cartographie

Customized guidance by Sarah Di Bella - performance historian and dramaturg


What I propose as the very first thing to do for an artist with an idea of project is a cartographic game in three stages.

  • Mapping a collective imaginary in transit - The hatching of the project 

  • Tensions between map(s) and territory - Framing artistic and critical research

  • From map to creation  - Writing, testing, shaping

Memory(ies) at work - Exploring artistic creation

Customized guidance by Sarah Di Bella - performance historian and dramaturg


It is important for us to affirm that every gesture that has an aesthetic purpose is the result of a whole flock of migrations and cross-fertilizations - of forms, languages and narratives that constitute a shared material memory.

  • Engaging memory - The hatching of the project

  • Memory equals acting force into the present - Framing artistic and critical research

  • Poetic memory at work - From image to the embodiment

Bulles, apné, art, photo

Korean Disability Arts & Culture Center KDAC (2020-2023)


The KDAC is the operator of the Korean Ministry of Culture dedicated to the arts and artists with disabilites.

extrapole and the KDAC have been collaborating since 2020 on the international development of the highlight of the "disability art week", and of the No Limits festival in Seoul.

extrapole participates in the architecture and development of project content by developing partnerships.

Certification for a capacity in European cultural and social innovation (2019-2020)

The Certification for a capacity in European cultural and social innovation is a support and research device led by Relais Culture Europe in collaboration with extrapole in January 2019.

The certification process aims at promoting skills developed by actor.trice.s from the creative and cultural sectors. It makes possible endorsing know-how, methods and skills acquired in innovation projects and as well the those of cultural cooperation, previously unrecognized under any title.

extrapole participates in accompanying candidates, and coordinates the Certification evaluation sessions.

For information about the next sessions and conditions for admission, visit the Relais Culture Europe website.


L'École des actes - théâtre de la Commune  (2019-2021)


The Théâtre de La Commune, L’École des Actes, and Extrapole jointly conceived a cooperation action on a European scale.

This collaboration is based on two distinctive projects:

- the development of a European cooperation project in connection with the activities of the Théâtre de La Commune and the Ecole des Actes, around the design of "a fantastic institution";

- a commission within the framework of the Practicing Democracy project (led by extrapole), carried out by three students of the SPEAP program of Sciences Po Paris in 2019-2020, using L'Ecole des Actes as its terrain.

Educational programs (2015-2020)

Since 2015, within the framework of the “Initiatives of excellence in innovative training” program (CréaTIC), of the PCAI Masters Degree (International Cultural and Artistic Project) and of the EUR-ArTeC research programs of the University Paris 8, extrapole initiated and facilitated the implementation of a series of workshop-laboratories, dedicated to students.


Maguy Marin (2007 - 2021)


We continue to collaborate with the artist Maguy Marin who deploys her actions on multiple fronts, with the Compagnie Maguy Marin and Ramdam art center.

extrapole is the executive producer of her works Cap au pire et Singspiele.

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