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« Creativity encourages connection. And this connection that links us to our authentic self, that forces us to step out of our comfort zone, aids us in realizing the impact we have on others, accustomed as we are to fumbling through existence in the convulsive hubbub of the succession of days, haphazard encounters pulling us forward, without being able to see beyond ...


Connection compensates for apathy. This is the first step towards recognition, a sense of duty or responsibility. Ephemeral or durable, it brings us closer to others. It overflows with joy. It is euphoric. It is not afraid of anything. I find myself in a place with people all around, I see them, I feel their presence.  What I have experienced means that when I leave this theater, this stifling nightclub, this seedy bar, this huge auditorium or this park where I read the book I borrowed, to cross the city by train and return to where my bed awaits me, I will be perfectly conscious of the technicians’ existences, maintaining the tracks, station agents sweeping platforms and blowing whistles announcing closing doors. Conscious of my humanity. Conscious of my complicity. »

Tempest Kae, Connexion, trad. Madeleine Nasalik, Paris, éd. de l’Olivier, 2021, p. 18 puis p. 133.

Connection :

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