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Korean Disability Arts
& Culture Center

The objective of the partnership between Extrapole and the I-Eum (art center) is to strengthen the means of action between European and Korean stages, by the joint implementation of an ensemble of interventions and the development of events, linking the fields of culture, education and research.  It is also about establishing connections between "classic" artistic networks and those intended for people with disabilities.


We pool our skills in terms of:

- co-analysis (EU and Korean contexts, challenges, opportunities);

- innovation (research and development for the co-design of projects and events);

- operation (joint implementation, monitoring);

- internationalization and distribution (networks);

- resources (regrouping resources from different fields);

- co-evaluation (reports and recommendations).

We have a range of programming tools at our disposal (festivals, seasons, events, conferences). We invite artists to perform, share their practices and meet the Korean artistic community and audiences.

These invitations take the form of multi-disciplinary creations, events, co-constructed public workshops, on-stage discussions and documentary screenings, all devised in collaboration with the host and host artistic teams (Kdac, extrapole, Staff Seoul).

This mission enables us to weave a network of partners capable of conducting cross-cultural, cross-sectoral and cross-practice exchanges, opening each of the parties up to other ways of doing things and strengthening them.



Modu Theater in Seoul
A theatrical facility designed for the free movement of people with reduced mobility in the auditorium and on the stage.
With a view to creating a series of archives of living practices precipitated by the Covid 19 crisis, we have begun producing a series of vignettes, video portraits of socially committed artistic practices. Our aim is to introduce the Korean artistic community and the general public to the work of European artistic teams, arts centres, residencies and organisations. What they have in common is that they open up their practices to people who have hitherto been unfamiliar with the art world, and that they invent unique playgrounds that pay particular attention to the ways in which relationships are established.

Michel S

Michel Schweizer is an unclassifiable French artist, choreographer and director. His company, which he names "La Coma, profit center” is based in the south of France. At the crossroads of the performing arts, visual arts and a certain idea of ​​"the business company", his numerous creations question on stage a societal or human reality, his statements and representations summoning a diversity of always unexpected communities.

Future partner of the Korean Disability Arts & Culture Center, Michel Schweizer will travel to Korea for a first visit and a residency in 2021, from which he will unite a Korean team of professional and amateur artists desiring a stimulating experience.

In 2022, we commissioned La Coma, a company based in Bordeaux and directed by Michel Schweizer, to create Jejari in situ.

Jejari saw the light of day on 24, 25 and 26 November 2023 in Seoul at the Modu Theatre.

Compagnie de l'Oiseau-Mouche

For over twenty years, the Compagnie de l’Oiseau-Mouche develops an original repertoire based on collaboration with director.trice.s or choreographers with eclectic aesthetics. The company develops a profuse activity, with its 23 permanent mentally handicapped actors. The company also manages a place of residences and training for performing artists as well as a restaurant.

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