Études Hérétiques 1-7


Antonija Livingstone / Nadia Lauro


Traditionally a symposium was a gathering of enthusiastic pederasts.

Aristocratic men gathered for drinking wine, philosophizing, seducing and educating young male lovers.

Logos, Pathos, and Eros, integrated with the light entertainment of poetry, dancing and music.

The Symposium, a dramatic text by Plato - records the phenomenon as The Seven Discourses on Love.

An exclusive Theatre in the round made by and for the most elite of classical era greek society, was a machine with the purpose of forming insightful, embodied citizens. Nowadays, a symposium often has us in upright chairs in dry corporate conference rooms, plastic disposable everything, VIP speakers and ignorant listeners, bad coffee, bad news, sales, academic egotism, bored banal play on mobile phones to kill time.....


The former ribald pleasures of being in the body in a symposium: of shifting the axis of awareness, of who is invited and  how they are sharing their wisdom,  may again allow for cultivating high-spirited citizenship, affections, and insights into the sustaining mysteries of life.


Livingstone and Lauro reanimate the notion of the symposium as a social and physical architecture with their own dandy feminist sensibilities. Livingstone and Lauro see a performance as being a site of creation in and of itself. From living mobile materials, emerges a queer habitat housing endangered practices of an arcane nature and Antonija Livingstone performing  amongst  the rare presence of a chorus of amazon women. The project suggests witnessing and companionship taking over from the business of spectatorship.  Livingstone and Lauro co-create with their  audiences and collaborators a scenario made of gestures of hospitality, and gestures of industry,  sketching  out a choreography of inclusion, lucidity, wyrd care, and wyrd time...Our vitality is at stake.


The suite of Études Hérétiques  1-7  is a subtle atmospheric performance where in the études can be played independently, in different combinations or as a polyphonic ensemble of seven.


The etymology of the term heresy, heretic simply refers to an individual who chooses for themselves,

in contrast with the dominant belief systems of their culture or government.


“If we have no heretics we must invent them, for heresy is essential to health and growth
...Our symbol of faith is heresy. ― Yevgeny Zamyatin



Artistic Direction : Antonija Livingstone / Nadia Lauro

Cast : Antonija Livingstone + extras (live architecture)

Scenography : Nadia Lauro

Choreograpy Assistant : Stephen Thompson

Musician : Jonathan Bepler


Coproductions et partners (in progress): Festival d’Automne à Paris , Menagerie de Verre / Paris , Humain Trop Humain / Centre Dramatique National de Montpellier , l’Arsenic à Lausanne, Festival Actoral à Marseille , l’Usine C à Montreal