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Our collaboration

L’École des Actes is at the heart of the Théâtre de La Commune, in the programming of shows and through its activities in the Fort d'Aubervilliers district and the Quatre Chemins theatre. Articulated around groups of interest and work, the school offers a range of workshops (architecture, theatre, languages), of counsel (legal aspects) and of assemblies that are created and evolve according to the needs and desires of the participants.

In this context, we are developing a European cooperation project focusing on the roles that cultural institutions can play in the migration crisis. Our partners are the Kampgnagel in Hamburg, and the Santarcangelo festival.


extrapole ensures, on behalf of the Théâtre de la Commune:

  • methodological support (assistance in constructing and setting up of the project and the partnership);

  • establishing timetable and budgeting of the activity;

  • co-writing of the application within the framework of the Creative Europe program.


The second object of our collaboration relates to the Practicing Democracy project.  The students of the SPEAP Masters degree (Science Po's experimental masters in political arts) carried out a survey prefiguration responding to the following guidelines:

  • Field of the investigation: L’École des Actes, Aubervilliers.

  • The commission: Based on an observation of the work units established and the actions carried out by members and participants from the L’École des Actes, establish a map of possibilities.

  • The patron: extrapole is the instigator and executive producer of the Practicing Democracy project.

  • Referents: Agnès Henry (extrapole), Martine Bodineau (Les Fabriques de Sociologie).

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