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extrapole initiated the Saloons, cycles of meetings with variable geometry, making it possible to create a cooperative dynamic in the Ile-de-France region, centered around the European project N.O.W (New Open Working process for the performing arts).

Based on the subjects addressed within the N.O.W framework (artistic commission, digital mediations in art, creation in transformation, the importance of methodology in projects), we organized a series of meetings. Each occurrence brought together ten professionals chosen to shed light on the theme in a unique way.

This project was supported by the Creative Europe (cooperation component) program as well as by the FSIR, the Innovation and Research Support Fund initiated by the Arcadi Île-de-France cultural agency.

saloon tokyo_edited.jpg
For the participants invited, these gathering times were an opportunity to:


Meet in a formal but non-public setting with people concerned by common issues, although evolving in different socio-professional sectors.


Discover methodologies and practices, compare points of view and opinions, share feedback on experiences, and put knowledge into perspective.


Open ones’ practice to what is done elsewhere, engage in a prospective work process.

For extrapole, this approach met the following objectives :


Experiment with a sharing mechanism, with exchange modalities favored by the limited number of participants allowing speaking time and privileged listening.


Articulate the European dimension of our projects with the Ile-de-France region, consolidate a local network around the themes of our projects and practice based research.


Share the challenges identified within the N.O.W project framework, and compare the questions and avenues of work envisaged by the European partners in order to continue the reflections collectively.

Downloadable report :

> Saloon Paris # 1 – 27/06/2015 – Artistic commission 

> Saloon Paris # 2 – 22/12/2015 – Artistic practice & digital mediation 

> Saloon Paris # 3 – 05/07/2016 - The arts and création in the transformation ?

> Saloon Tokyo #1 - 23/01/2017 - Challenge the method (Saloon Tokyo #1 website)

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