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Certification for a capacity in European cultural and social innovation (2019-2020)

Benefiting from this Certification, possessors leave enriched with official recognition which allows them :

• to use their expertise in the course of their duties;

• to evolve professionally within their structure;

• to orient themselves towards a new profession or a new sector of activity directly related to the Certifications’ fields of intervention.

For information about the next sessions and conditions for admission, visit the Relais Culture Europe website.


Testimonials, 2019 & 2020 sessions

Henri Devier, director and actor :

“Not only did I realize that Certification was a long-term process that would require a real commitment, but I also regarded the whole stage of validation by a jury (in a language I’m not very familiar with) as a real challenge. […] thanks to Agnes’ accompaniment, I gradually overcame these initial blockages and progressively understood the value of the approach the Certification proposed.  I’m a more of a self-taught person but the idea of ​​the VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience) made more and more sense to me: this Certification was also about validating my past experiences. "

Didier Rivière, music school director and manager of a consulting and support company for European projects :

"For my part, I was looking for legitimation in the professional arena.  So applying for Certification became an obvious next step for me. I wasn't sure exactly what it would cover, but I had an intuition that it would notably enrich my path. […] The form of presentation is something that interested and convinced me considerably.  Obliging yourself to produce an original creation is a passionate process. […] and Agnes’ presence and supporting role, without being a member of the jury, was reassuring.  One feels a true benevolence. "

Erica Letailleur, teacher and researcher in the performing arts :

“I had long wanted to valorize my skills acquired in the field, but the existing university programs did not suit my somewhat particular profile – because there was too much of a mix of the artistic, academic and production aspects. [...] The accompaniment was also valuable in that it focused on the '' transposition '' of both my professional and life experiences into the skills framework [...] That brought me above all a real perspective on my professional career, a clearer look at the skills that I possessed. This was done thanks to the preparation work, as well as during discussions with the final jury."

Shelly de Vito, co-founder and artistic director of the Moulins de Paillard :

“Agnès Henry's flexibility and determination are admirable! The four questions related to the fields of competence completely confused me at the beginning. In English, in French, they didn’t resonate. When I finally realized that I didn't have to bend over backwards to adhere to the framework, the distance to the horizon hit me even harder. Nevertheless, I believe that if I had formulated these questions myself, I would not have come this far. A great exercise. […] The pre-Certification process forced me to look back, not in order to do better, but rather to see the path that led me to "now."

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